Welcome To Let Me Help!

The first thing I always ask my prospective clients is “What do you need done?”  At Let Me Help, there is a variety of services to choose from or you and I can design a style to suit your individual requirements.  The bottom line is always the same, however:  To help you get the most out of your life in this great town we call home.

Let Me Help has been assisting Sarasotans since 2010 and in this past decade we have offered a wide variety of services. As we move into this new post-pandemic world, Let Me Help is again branching out on a new path; I have loved organizing and design of small spaces all my life and now offer my enthusiasm and experience to you.  Concentrating on home office spaces and creative spaces, Let Me Help can work with you to turn a room, a closet, a tabletop, or a nook into a functional, fun office or music room or art space or reading corner. I can also offer both Home Office Assistance and Creative Spaces Assistance, helping you manage the mundane and freeing up more of your time to play and create and relax. You know what you would like; Let Me Help make it a reality!

Check out the site and contact me to get started today!


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