The Fine Art of Downsizing

The Tiny House movement is growing and it has sparked the interest of millions.  Not all of those millions have what it takes to Go Tiny but many more people are taking a hard look at how and where they reside. This look can result in a decision to stay put, for various reasons, or to make a change.  Making that change can be daunting when you take a good look around your home.  Where do I start? What do I keep? Do I try to sell things, donate, toss? It can be overwhelming.  It can lead to rash decisions, no decisions or just plain surrender.  But it doesn’t have to be so complicated.  The best thing you can do is ask for help from someone who has no stake in what you take, what you leave, what you donate. I have helped many people de-clutter before a big move and the general consensus has been that making the hard choices before the move was definitely the way to go.  Are you thinking of downsizing? Let’s talk. Let’s take a look. Let Me Help.


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