A Great Time For Change!

Winter in Florida is a time to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather, free of hurricanes, humidity, and the snow “back home.”  It’s also the perfect time to slow down and take stock of your home and belongings.  Personally, there is nothing so liberating as making things look cleaner, function better, and feel lighter.  That’s what de-cluttering and organizing is all about.  Americans love Stuff.  We fill our homes and garages with it.  We fill storage units with more of it. We read books and articles and watch TV shows on how to make more ourselves.  Then we read more books and articles and watch more TV shows on how to get rid of it when we become choked and overwhelmed.  There is no right or wrong way to pare down your Stuff.  And there is no law that requires you to pare down your Stuff.  But I can assure you that if you pare down even a little, you will feel the benefits almost immediately.  You may even want to do more!  Start small, start at all, or call an Organizer to help you make the first move. And when you’re all done and you have an empty bookshelf, reward yourself with a cup of tea and a new book!


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