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“Amy Zeusler has been keeping me and my home organized, decluttered, and maintained for over 6 years.  Amy demonstrated early on in her tenure that she understood what business is all about.  She is well organized and thrives under adversity.  Almost without exception, she puts the client first, feeling as I do that the key to good business is satisfied customers.  She is driven in equal measure by both quality and efficiency.  Very goal oriented, Amy is always cool, calm and collected, keenly passionate and devoted to her profession and is enjoyable to be around. I have no hesitation in recommending Amy for any position pertaining to Personal Assisting and all the issues that fall into that category.  I feel confident she would be an asset to you.”  Kitt Crown-Boltz, President & CEO, ElderCare Services Unlimited, Sarasota, FL

Amy Zeusler has helped us for more than five years.  She has done innumerable tasks for us; helping solve computer problems, making photo albums, organizing our closets, shredding, hanging pictures, shopping, unclogging drains, vacuuming our car–you name it, she can do it.  (A list of tasks she’s done for us is available upon request.) She is smart, resourceful, clever, responsible, reliable, trustworthy, flexible, and thoughtful.  With Amy’s help we are able to live as we want, independently in our condo.”  Denton & Bonnie Morrison, Sarasota, FL

“Amy takes me to the doctor, the bank, the pharmacy and other errands.  She also goes grocery shopping with me and carries in the bags and puts everything away.  She is a great organizer, helping me with cupboards, closets, drawers and files.  Amy is a very kind and considerate person as well as honest and reliable.  She has been helping me for over 10 years and is wonderful to be with.  I consider her my friend, not just an employee.  I recommend her very highly.”    Mrs. Adell White, Sarasota, Florida

“Amy has given us peace of mind while watching our condo while we are back in Connecticut.  I know that my flowers are watered and the weeds are kept under control and our condo is safe from weather and intruders.  Amy is always willing to help in any way we need and I greatly appreciate that.”  Mary Anne & John, Sarasota, FL & Connecticut

“This service is as the name describes; a woman who wants to help you but not take over the projects you are working on.  She helped me organize closets and garden sheds.  She arrives promptly and is willing to help with any projects you have under way.  She told about she started her company when her father had ill health, but still wanted to do everything himself.  She simply said, “let me help.”  And that is what she does.  She is not a self starter on projects so it works well if you want someone to do what you say and not have an alternative plan.  It’s sort of like working with a sister who does not argue about methods and ends.”  Mrs. Flora M., Bradenton, FL

“Amy Zeusler has been a colleague, but more importantly a friend of mine for many years.  We enjoyed a professional relationship through our past employment at a local manufacturing business and through Kensington Park Civic Association.  She is reliable and punctual regarding her client commitments.  She’s a breath of fresh air and at the ready with an idea or suggestion for her customers.  I highly recommend her services.”  Janice Porto, Tallahassee, FL

“When I had to put my house on the market on short notice, I turned to Amy to help me get what needed to be done accomplished and on schedule.  She rolled up her sleeves and helped in many ways, but perhaps most importantly she kept our efforts on task and focused.  She never lost sight of the big picture and kept truly minor issues in their proper perspective.  She is a great organizer and planner, and I give my strongest recommendation to anyone considering using her services.  Thanks again, Amy.”  Daevad T., Sarasota, FL